Expedia Website Calls Valley City Most Beautiful in the State
Posted by KSJB News on 3/10/2017 5:13:00 AM.

UNDATED - The travel website Expedia has named Valley City the most beautiful city in North Dakota.

According to the website, the intent of the article about the 50 most beautiful cities in the country is to encourage people to travel to unique, lesser known towns.
The article mentions that Valley City is located along the Sheyenne River and is home to 11 historic bridges, some of which date back as far as the 1890s. There's also a reference to Medicine Wheel Park, a 300-acre site featuring its medicine wheel solar calendar, native burial grounds, and a perennial garden.
The website also recommends taking a trip on the Sheyenne River Valley National Scenic Byway for “unbeatable” views.

Provided by CBS News