Gov. Burgum Calls for Deeper Budget Cuts
Posted by KSJB News on 1/17/2017 6:05:00 AM.
BISMARCK, ND (AP) - Gov. Doug Burgum has presented a preferred spending plan to North Dakota lawmakers that calls for deeper cuts in the state budget than suggested by his predecessor.
The budget statement released Monday night comes a month after the Republican took office, and recommends $4.6 billion in spending over the next two years. That's about $159 million less than proposed by then-Gov. Jack Dalrymple in early December. 
Burgum's budget plan also predicts lower oil prices than Dalrymple set in his proposal.
Dalrymple had suggested reducing 583 full-time state employees, while Burgum suggests eliminating about 50 additional full-time positions.
North Dakota state government spending has risen more than $8 billion in the past decade, but low oil and agriculture prices have forced lawmakers to rethink budget plans. 

Provided by CBS News