Fellowship of Christian Athletes Holding Co-Ed Multi-Sport Camp
Posted by KSJB News on 3/31/2015 10:03:00 AM.

JAMESTOWN - (James Bear for UJ) - The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) will be holding a Co-ed multi-sports camp on the campus of the University of Jamestown on Monday, June 8th through Thursday, June 11th.

Area Students Qualify for National Archery Competitions
Posted by KSJB News on 3/31/2015 6:50:00 AM.

State Game and Fish Department reports on this year's state contests...

Specialty Crop Listening Sessions Scheduled
Posted by KSJB News on 3/31/2015 6:34:00 AM.

Casselton session replaces cancelled one in Wahpeton...

University of Jamestown Adding Engineering Program
Posted by KSJB News on 3/30/2015 4:39:00 PM.

Seeking inaugural chair for new Department of Engineering and Mathematics...

BNSF Adding Safety Rules for Oil Trains
Posted by KSJB News on 3/30/2015 4:27:00 PM.

Train speeds sharply reduced in metropolitan areas...

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  • Erickson and Kappes Earn Fertilizer Honors
    The Fertilizer Institute is honoring five farmers and their retail partners for their efforts in promoting nutrient stewardship. The list of honorees include Joel Erickson, who farms at Langford, South Dakota. Wheat Growers sales agronomist Andrew Kappes was also knowed a Grower Advocate by the Fertilizer Institute.
  • Syngenta Suing Over Patent and Copyright Infringement
    Syngenta is suing the Willowood Company for possible patent and copyright infringement. Synenta claims two Willowood products infringe on patents relating to azoxystrobin, which is a seed treatment fungicide used in products ranging from wheat and barley to corn and soybeans.
  • Dairy Cow Numbers on the Rise
    With decent margins in the dairy industry, US milk cow numbers are forecast to increase through 2018. According to USDA’s Economic Research Service, lower net-returns will lead to year-to-year declines in cow numbers from 2020 to 2024. On a per-cow basis, milk production is expected to grow during that time period. The sales of milk, cheese and other dairy products are forecast to grow faster than the growth of the US population over the next decade, especially with more meals eaten away from home. US dairy exports are also projected to remain strong.
  • Rail Mistakes Not Being Repeated
    The ninth in a series of surveys of grain rail shippers shows that the rail service struggles last year are not being repeated this year. In the most recent update from the Soy Transportation Coalition and the University of Minnesota, 100 percent of participating grain handling facilities in the Dakotas, Minnesota and Nebraska report that cycle times for railroads are faster than a year ago. That’s an increase from 67 percent in the first survey last fall. Seventy-four percent of the grain elevators recorded no rail orders as past due. The 10th and final bi-weekly survey went out this week and the results will be released in two weeks.
  • Putting China's Appetite for Soybeans Into Perspective
    University of Illinois ag economists are putting China’s appetite for US soybeans into some interesting perspective. The US produced almost four billion bushels of beans last year, 45 percent of which will be exported. Nearly one out of every four bushels of soybeans, or 13 bushels per acre, have been shipped to China so far this marketing year. Using the average yield of 47.8 bushels per acre last year, China’s import demand for soybeans is equivalent to 57 million acres worldwide. For comparative purposes, US farmers harvested 83 million acres in 2014. To meet the forecast of Chinese soybean imports, production from the top 133 counties in the US would be required.
Provided by Red River Farm Network

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