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BCI Agent Found in Contempt in Loader Case
September 2

ELLENDALE, ND - A judge in Dickey County has found an agent of the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation in contempt and ordered the state to pay over $48,000 in damages.

State agents c...(more)

Home Depot Investigating Data Breach
September 2

NEW YORK (AP) — Home Depot is investigating a potential credit card data breach.

The Atlanta home improvement retailer told The Associated Press Tuesday that it's looking into "unusual activity...(more)

Farm Beginnings Sessions for New or Beginning Farmers
September 2

MEDINA, ND (Sept. 2, 2014) – Whole farm preparation, marketing and a business plan can be beneficial to raising a small farm’s profitability. To assist small farms with what they need to prosper FARRM...(more)

Fatal Collision Near Strasburg
September 1

STRASBURG, ND – Charges are pending after a fatal collision near Strasburg, ND.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol says the driver of a car failed to yield at a yield sign at 5 p.m. Friday at the ...(more)

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Farm News

Great Response to Livestock Disaster Program
Tue, 02 Sep 2014

Livestock producers must enroll in the federal disaster program by the end of September to avoid across-the-board budget reductions. If appointments are made before October 1 with the FSA office, producers can avoid the sequestration cuts. Overall, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says the response to this program has been positive. “We’ve already processed over 240,000 applications. We’re still getting applications in every day. There was a lot of hurt out there. This money is going to be helpful to keep people in business.” In an interview with the Red River Farm Network, Vilsack said it is too soon to understand what the current market environment will mean for the cost of the farm bill. The full interview with Secretary Vilsack can be found on the RRFN website In-depth page or in the Today's Broadcast section of the RRFN phone app.
Friday Deadline for Early Cereals North America Registration
Tue, 02 Sep 2014

The second annual Cereals North America will be held in Winnipeg, October 28-30. Co-founder Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company, says the last seven or eight years have been an anomaly in agriculture. “We’re in a period of transition to greater supplies. Producers and end users need to understand what they can do to profit and position themselves for the next three to five years. We will also have a fair amount on logistics such as what are the costs of rail and barge and what that means for grain prices down the road.” Friday is the last day of the early bird registration. You can register on line at cerealsnorthamerica.com.
Just Starting With Harvest
Tue, 02 Sep 2014

Rolette, North Dakota farmer Ryan Pederson is just getting started with harvest. “We were able to pick up one field of canola between the rains. It had been down through all the rain.” Peterson says yields have been in the ton per acre range. “Hopefully as we get into some of the tougher ground, yields can hold up.”
Cattle Guys in a Good Position
Tue, 02 Sep 2014

Mitch Bartels with Perham Livestock Auction sees both the cow-calf guys and the feedlot guys in a good position right now. “If the cow-calf guy has the ground, grass and hay, he’s in the driver’s seat. But, if you’re feeding corn at $3-something a bushel and you’re feeding cattle that are worth $2 per pound plus, there’s probably never been a better time to feed cattle.” Bartels sees a lot of obstacles to getting the US cattle herd built back up. “The fences that came out for crops to go in, aren’t going to be put back up. If you have to borrow money to buy land and cows, the bank probably isn’t going to go along with you. So, it’s the guys that are established that will have to do it. Some of them probably have a few gray hairs and with cows worth $2,000 to $3,000 each, they might be thinking about selling instead of adding on.”
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