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Police Chief to Tenants and Landlords: Call
October 31

JAMESTOWN – If you're a landlord or a tenant and you suspect there may be criminal or other suspicious activity in your building, Jamestown Police Chief Scott Edinger has one word of advice, β€œCal...(more)

Jamestown Forester says Tree Trimming has Begun
October 31

JAMESTOWN - Jamestown City Crews will be clearing alleyways and overhanging branches, according to an announcement from Doug Wiles, City Forester.

The City Street Department Crews along with t...(more)

Housing Authority Exec says Oil Boom Impacting Stutsman County
October 31

JAMESTOWN – North Dakota lawmakers during their last legislative session maintained as a body that the oil boom was not impacting communities as far east as Stutsman County. But David Klein, execu...(more)

Fargo Man Held after Search in Jamestown
October 31

JAMESTOWN – A 31-year-old Fargo man is awaiting formal charges while being held in the Stutsman County Correctional Center after allegedly breaking into a home in southwest Jamestown and stealing ...(more)

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Farm News

WOTUS Has Been a Learning Process for EPA
Sat, 01 Nov 2014

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack believes the debate over the Waters of the United States has been healthy—for supporters and critics. While at the National FFA Convention, US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said this has been a learning process for the EPA. “The intent was actually to create greater certainty for agriculture and to reassure agriculture that this was not going to extend the jurisdiction. It was designed to provide clarity. The folks in the countryside did not interpret it that way. It’s a lesson for EPA. I have no doubt that this process will have an impact on what EPA’s final, final, final decision is going to be.” At the end of the day, Vilsack said agriculture is only a small part of the country’s water quality concerns.
Sugar Deal Good for Both US and Mexico
Sat, 01 Nov 2014

US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack tells RRFN that he’s the US-Mexican settlement on sugar is good for both countries. “It’s still in the process of all the details being worked out, but I’m happy we were able to avoid the kind of harm that could come from a tit-for-tat scenario. Mexico is a very important customer for us and we are for them. I’m pleased that they were able to get this done.”
Dry Fall Creates Concern for Spring
Wed, 29 Oct 2014

Dry conditions this fall have been good for getting crops harvested, but South Dakota State University Extension Climate Field Specialist Laura Edwards says it also makes her concerned about the spring. “The dry conditions this fall mean we’re a little bit dry going into spring, assuming we get near average precipitation. We will rely a little more heavily on the spring moisture, at least to get started planting next year.”
ND Corn Harvest Making Steady Progress
Fri, 31 Oct 2014

Mycogen agronomist Bruce Due says the corn harvest is making steady progress in North Dakota. “I would say the eastern half is 30 percent done and not quite as much to the west. The moisture has really come down nicely. I’m getting reports of 16 to 21 percent. Yields are all over the place. Depending on how early it froze. There are some areas that have low test weights, but, at least it’s coming out of the field without having to put a lot of expense to it with the dryer.”
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