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Sex Offender Lawsuit Will Continue
July 27

FARGO, N.D. (AP) A judge has rejected a motion to throw out a lawsuit filed in December by two-dozen sex offenders who are civilly committed to the North Dakota state hospital in Jamestown.


Reimbursements Available for Organic Certification Costs
July 25

BISMARCK Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said that applications are now being accepted for reimbursement of organic certification costs through the National Organic Cost Share Program for fis...(more)

Special City Council Meeting
July 25

JAMESTOWN - The Jamestown City Council and the Jamestown City Planning Commission met in special session on Thursday afternoon with councilman Ramone Gumke absent.

City Administrator Jeff Fuchs...(more)

LaMoure County Hazard Mitigation Plan Open for Review
July 24

LAMOURE - The draft of the 2014 LaMoure County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan update is now available for public comment and review in hard copy format at LaMoure County Emergency Management at the LaMo...(more)

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Starting to Go the Wrong Direction
Mon, 28 Jul 2014

First it was too wet, and now it’s getting too dry. Kent Sortland, who farms in Barnes County, North Dakota, says his row crops are going backwards. “We need rain pretty badly now. Typical July for us. It shuts off and we dry out. I can see it on the beans. I have a couple fields with sandy spots where you can really tell it on the corn too. We’re starting to go the wrong direction.”
Club Root May Be in ND
Mon, 28 Jul 2014

Club Root may have been found in a canola field in north east North Dakota.  Northern Canola Growers executive director Barry Coleman reminds canola growers to be vigilant and scout for the disease. “The disease had been fairly prevalent in Alberta the last five years. We didn’t think it would spread this far, but it may have. We’re doing some tests to make sure it’s confirmed.” Coleman say removing soil from equipment before moving to another field will go a long way in helping prevent the spread of club root.
Not Much Risk of Early Frost
Mon, 28 Jul 2014

World Weather, Inc. senior ag meteorologist Drew Lerner does not believe there will be much risk of early frost and freezes in the northern US. Lerner does think the central and lower parts of the Midwest and interior parts of the southeastern states will see an early start to winter this year, but many crops in those areas will be mature long before the cold arrives. A new round of very cold air is expected this week, which will likely reinforce fears of an early frost. World Weather, Inc.’s trend model suggests a third wave of this six-week episode of cold will be with us near mid-August, which could bring some temperatures in northern Canada down close to the frost level. However, Lerner says no threatening cold will come anywhere near the northern US. 
Comparing July Weather
Mon, 28 Jul 2014

July has been cool and dry across the corn belt, which is an unusual combination during the summer months. MDA Weather Services’ analysis of 17 cool July analogs yielded only two years which were as dry as this year in the Midwest, 1960 and 1967. In 1967, corn yields were well above trend, while 1960 saw corn yields below trend. Soybean yields were slightly above trend in 1960 and were below trend in 1967. MDA meteorologist Kyle Tapley says soil moisture reserves are in much better shape than would ordinarily be expected given how dry it has been so far in July.  
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