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Jamestown Airport Actively Seeking Commitments for Hangar Space
August 20

BOARD MEMBER SAYS IT'S FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED: JAMESTOWN, ND - The Jamestown Regional Airport's T-Hangar project is making rapid progress and could be completed by the end of October. Airport Manage...(more)

UPDATE: Multiple Water Main Breaks in Jamestown
August 20

JAMESTOWN Jamestown City Utility crews continued to work into Wednesday night after cascading water main failures cut off water to several homes in the southwest part of the city.

Water mains...(more)

Traffic Affected by Jamestown Utility Work
August 20

WATER MAIN BREAK MEANS ONE STREET CLOSED, ANOTHER ONE NARROWED FOR UNRELATED CAUSE - JAMESTOWN, ND - The Jamestown City Engineer's office says that beginning TODAY, 17th St SW between Hwy 281 South & ...(more)

UPDATED: Six-year-old Dies in Collision
August 20

NDHP IDENTIFIES VICTIM - ROLLA, ND A six-year-old girl is dead after her bicycle collided with a pickup. The Highway Patrol has identified her as Kee Leigh Chase of Rolla.

ND Highway Patrol ...(more)

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Farm News

On Schedule Around Ruthton
Wed, 20 Aug 2014

Ruthton, Minnesota area farmer Cary Alderson says despite being on the dry side right now, his crops are looking pretty good. “We’re a little on the dry side, but we’re not sitting too bad. Rain has been hit-and-miss. For the most part, things are right on track for where they should be, so things are looking good.” Alderson says aphids are a problem right now. “Aphids showed up the last couple weeks. There’s a lot of spraying going on. I had a plane come in and spray mine. The aphids are right on schedule too, I guess.”
Braathen: Best Spring Wheat I've Ever Cut Here
Wed, 20 Aug 2014

Custom harvester Kent Braathen is on the downside of his spring wheat harvest in the Onida, South Dakota area. This is a crop he’ll remember for a long time. “The quality has been really good. It’s 62.5 pounds and proteins have been in the upper 13s to 14. Yields have been fantastic, anywhere from the upper 70s to mid-80s. It’s probably the best spring wheat I’ve ever cut here. It’s been quite a crop here.” Braathen says it is a thick, heavy crop, which is making for a slow harvest. This certainly isn’t a normal year, with the spring wheat harvest extending later in the year. From South Dakota, Braathen will move into the Berthold, North Dakota area. 
Half Way Done Around Wheaton
Wed, 20 Aug 2014

The spring wheat harvest in the Wheaton, Minnesota area is a little past the halfway point. Greg Kleindl, a grain merchandiser with the Wheaton Dumont Co-op Elevator, is hoping growers can finish before more rain falls. “Quality is starting to deteriorate. The early stuff weighed 60 to 61 pounds. I’d say it was making roughly 55 to 60 bushel. The later stuff is starting to lose quality and test weight and the protein is starting to go down. I’m hoping we can get 45 to 50 bushels to the acre if we can get it out in time.”
Damp Weather Slowing Harvest South-Central ND
Wed, 20 Aug 2014

In south-central North Dakota, Mark Rohrich at Maverick Ag, says some winter wheat is starting to come off. “Between rain, fog and humidity, harvest has been slow, to a crawl. There’s going to be a lot of wheat that comes off in September. There’s no question about it. We’re actually pre-harvesting some wheat to try to speed things up. Heads are nearly dry. Plants have green leaves. It’s time to do it.” Rohrich says the spring wheat crops looks pretty good around Ashley.
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