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KSJB Announcers

Bobby Gaye - KSJB Mornings (6am - 10am)

Possibly the most popular Radio Personality in Jamestown History is KSJB Morning Host Bobby Gaye.

Bobby broke unique ground and achieved star status in the 1960's as the first major DJ on a major Dakotas radio station to play 'Rock and Roll' music!

During that time Bobby was also famous for his various personal appearances and 'dance parties' all over the upper midwest at which he provided good, clean fun for area teenagers.

After extended adventures elsewhere including the SD Black Hills area, Bobby rejoined the KSJB team in September of 1998 and we are truly thrilled to be able to bring this legendary broadcaster to you each and every day on KSJB!

Bobby Gaye
701-252-3570 ext. 307

Jarrett Stevens - OM/PD & KSJB Middays (10am - 2pm)

Jarrett Stevens is our Operations Manager/Program Director for KSJB & MIX 93.3. Jarrett has been in radio now for over 12 years and has spent the last 5 with KSJB & MIX 93.3.

Not only does Jarrett handle all of our Operations & Programming he is also our Midday Announcer on Classic Country KSJB from 10am - 2pm & is also the voice of our Blue Jay football & basketball coverage.

In his down time Jarrett enjoys spending time with his family, his wife Kyla and his 3 children, Ethan (son), Jorryn (daughter) & Bohden (Son).

Jarrett Stevens
701-252-3570 ext. 306

Steve Allen KSJB Nights(6pm - 11pm)

Steve Allen is originally from the Valley City area. He grew up in the small town of Leal, ND where he graduated from North Central School.

After high school he attended AVTI for Radio Broadcasting in Thief River Falls, MN.

Before coming to work for KSJB and MIX, Steve worked 6 years for a 4 station cluster in Devils Lake, ND - KZZY, KQZZ, KDLR, and KDVL as the overnight operations manager.

When he's not working Steve enjoys spending time with his parents, sister, nieces and nephews.

Steve has a recording studio in his home and is working with some new up and coming artists from many different genres.

He enjoys snow skiing, dirt bikes and living on the edge almost everyday.

Steve Allen

Lynn Hopewell - KSJB News Director

Lynn began work at KSJB as a part-time weekend announcer but in early 2003 began double duty as our local News Director, doing reports on both 600 and 93.3 throughout the day.

Lynn's reputation for integrity and many local connnections have enabled him to break many stories and keep our listeners on top of what is going on around the area.

In addition to his radio work Lynn is well known to many as an area musician and songwriter.

Lynn Hopewell
701-252-3570 ext. 315

Ole Olson - KSJB Sports

If any one man in Jamestown, ND needs no introduction it is probably Ole Olson.

Ole Olson is Jamestown's longest running continuous Radio Personality dating back to 1965! The vast majority of that time has been spent right here at Classic Country 600 KSJB and we were thrilled to have Ole rejoin our team on January 1, 2003 after a brief absence. Ole semi retired in October of 2012 however you can still hear Ole all over the area engaging in his passion of sports broadcasting.

Ole Olson

KSJB Part Time Announcers

M*E Star

M*E (Emmy) Star has been living in Jamestown since 2009. She came to us from Lincoln, NE but originally lived on Bainbridge Island, Washington (State) where she graduated from High School later attending college in Canada, where she majored in Public Relations, Marketing, & Camp Event Planning. She produced and directed Cheerleader Camps in Canada, and the United States for over 15 years.

M*E Star wears many Hats...A Dance Choreographer, and a former Flight Attendant, she has traveled from coast to coast, meeting and making new friends along the way. She is currently a Photographer, Cosmetologist and Make-up Artist in addition to working here at KSJB. M*E enjoys entering Cooking Contests (and has won a few), and dabbles in Handwriting Analysis from time to time just for fun. She also enjoys emceeing, directing the Buffalo Mall's Trendsetters Model Group and conducting personal development workshops to youth & women groups on occasion.

Radio Announcing has been a passion for M*E and when she was hired here at KSJB in March of 2009 her creative passions took over. Her 'Angels in the Afternoon' has been on the air since August 2009, and has become popular with many listeners.

KSJB Sales Associates

Jacqualine Pfeiffer

Jacqualine Pfeiffer returns to the KSJB/MIX sales force after a 10-year hiatus to raise sons Andrew and Benjamin.

Mrs. Pfeiffer sold for KSJB/MIX in the late 1990's, selling such first-time accounts that have become long-standing advertising successes as Mertz Lumber and A.P. Equipment.

Jacqualine will work with accounts from Jamestown west to Steele as well as Napoleon, Wishek and other areas.

Jacqualine has been a Jamestown resident since April 1, 1998 with her husband and KSJB/MIX owner and station manager Patrick R. Pfeiffer aforementioned sons Andrew and Benjamin, and daughter Chasta Mansavage.

Jacqualine Pfeiffer
701-252-3570/309 (Bus)
701-269-9381 (Cell)

Curt Sayler - Senior Account Executive

Curt is the most experienced radio sales representative in Jamestown and has an extensive background in radio including positions as an announcer in Mobridge SD co-host of the 'Susan and the Sailor' show in Bismarck and Morning Show Host on KSJB-600AM and early in the 1990'a on MIX-93.3-FM here in Jamestown ND.

Curt has been with KSJB/MIX 93.3 since 1989, and in sales since 1991.

On January 1, 2005 Curt became a co-owner of the radio stations, becoming a shareholder in Chesterman Communications of Jamestown, Inc.

Curt and his wife Carla have 4 children and appreciate family life as part of a small North Dakota community.

Curt works with clients in Jamestown, Bismarck and Fargo.

Curt Sayler
701-252-3570 ext. 304

Paul Behle (Fredrick)

Paul might have the most unusual employment history of any employee at KSJB/MIX 93.3.

After a 25+ year career as a dairy farmer, Paul began work as a part-time announcer on KSJB in 2001.

Later that year, he applied for and was hired for a sales position here at KSJB/MIX 93.3.

Paul now continues his popular Sunday evening airshift as well as doing sales in Jamestown, Carrington, New Rockford and Cooperstown.

Paul Behle
701-252-3570 ext. 305

Arlan Burkman

With his sincere desire to help and many years of hard work Arlan has emerged as one of the consistently top performers of our sales team.

His earthy, no-nonsense approach is appreciated by his many clients.

Arlan has accounts in Jamestown as well as an extensive territory to the South/Southeast of town including Edgeley, Kulm, Ellendale, Aberdeen SD and others in the region.

Arlan Burkman
701-252-3570 ext. 316

Dick Reiten

Dick is one of the most congenial and well-liked members of the staff by his associates and clients alike.

Dick has a background in the farm equipment industry but is now gaining veteran status in radio advertising sales, having started in this position with KSBJ/MIX 93.3 in November of 1998.

Dick sells in Jamestown as well as a large, important territory for KSJB to the Southwest of Jamestown including Ashley, Wishek, Napoleon, Gackle-Streeter, Steele and many others too numberous to mention including down into Northern SD.

Dick Reiten
701-252-3570 ext. 303

KSJB Station Management

Patrick R. Pfeiffer - VP/GM
Rick is a career broadcaster with experience dating back to 1986 in announcing, sales, sales management, station management and station ownership.

Rick joined KSJB/MIX 93.3 in April of 1998 for the opportunity to work as a managing partner in the stations and have a higher level of autonomy than is possible in the big corporations becoming so prevelant in broadcasting.

Rick is active in local clubs like Rotary and Toastmasters and is active in camping and hiking in ND's western badlands with his wife Jacqualine and twin sons Andrew and Benjamin.

Rick Pfeiffer
701-252-3570 ext. 308


Bonnie Weatherly - Traffic Director/Office Manager
Bonnie is truly the lifeblood of KSJB/MIX 93.3 and the hub of most daily activity at the station.

As traffic director, Bonnie interfaces with every other individual at the radio station to coordinate ad schedules, programming schedules and advertising content.

And incredibly, Bonnie has worked at KSJB & MIX 93.3 for her entire adult life-she's been here since 1968 and going strong! THANKS BONNIE!

Bonnie Weatherly
701-252-3570 ext. 302