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Smithsonian Exhibit Coming to Ellendale
ELLENDALE, ND - (Ken Schmierer) - The Ellendale Historical Society would like to announce the arrival of the Smithsonian Exhibit, “Key Ingredients: America by Food” at the historic Opera House Lobby in Ellendale. The exhibit opens May 4th and runs through June 16th, 2013. Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and by appointment.

“Key Ingredients: America by Food” explains our country’s diverse regional cooking and eating traditions. It investigates how culture, ethnicity, landscape and tradition influence foods and flavors we enjoy across the nation. It demonstrates how food on the American table is rooted in centuries of continuous borrowing and sharing between people across the generations, across cultures and across the land.

The exhibit is made of five kiosks which interpret “Land of Plenty”, “Local Flavors”, “Dynamic Delivery”, “Festival of Feasts”, and “Home Cooking”. Informational panels, pictures, and artifacts provide information from every area of the country.

In addition to the large exhibit, the local Smithsonian Committee will have other exhibits for your viewing interest. An Apron project from the Ellendale fourth graders, the history of various well-known food labels from the Ellendale High School Facs I class, historic newspaper ads from former restaurants and grocery stores, a salt and pepper collection display, a cookbook display, and DVDs showing the preparation of ethnic foods in this area.

“Key Ingredients: America by Food” is a Museum on Main Street exhibition which shares the Smithsonian’s resources with rural America. The program is hosted by each state’s Humanities Council and is exhibited in small communities with populations of 500 to 20,000. Ellendale is one of twelve North Dakota towns to host this MoMS project. Partnering with the Ellendale Historical Society are O.P.E.R.A., Inc. the Ellendale Area Arts Council and the city of Ellendale. The State sponsor is the North Dakota Humanities Council who works with the Smithsonian Institution to bring this traveling exhibit to our community.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please call Ken Schmierer at 701-349-2490 or Jeanette Ruenz at 791-349-4329.