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Direct Access Testing Now Available at JRMC
Jamestown, ND, May 3, 2013 (Michelle Kunrath, JRMC)— Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC) is now offering services for direct access testing in the JRMC Laboratory. This new service was developed to assist people in monitoring ongoing health risks or to access potential health risks.

The tests that are performed through direct access testing may identify certain discrete health indicators and are in no way a substitute for a regular and thorough physical exam performed by a physician. Patients may order certain laboratory tests (mostly screening type tests) without the order of a physician. This offers patients tests at a significantly reduced rate and the convenience of having testing without a scheduled appointment during specified direct access testing hours.

“JRMC is excited to offer this new service to the community,” said Mary Bowder, JRMC laboratory manager. “Our hope is to provide patients with the information that they need to stay on top of their health.”

Direct access testing includes the following tests: blood type, HBA1C, Influenza A and B, Lipid panel 12 – 14 hour fast (cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL), pregnancy tests and rapid strep test. Patients must be 18 years of age or older to order direct access testing. Tests may be ordered directly through admissions at JRMC where they will complete an order form and a self-addressed envelope. Payment is required at the point of completing the order.

Lab hours for direct access testing is Monday through Sunday 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Patients will receive the tests report(s) along with a brief interpretation of the tests performed. Lab personnel may give the report directly to the patient or mail the report in a self-addressed envelope provided by the patient.

For more information on direct access testing call (701) 952-4775 or go to www.jrmcnd.com.

About Jamestown Regional Medical Center

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