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URGENT: Dickey County Reinstates Burn Ban
ELLENDALE - The Burn Ban Is back in effect in Dickey County! Dickey County is going to use the same style of Burn Ban as we used last year and follows the North Dakota Rangeland Fire Danger for our area. For a refresher you cannot burn when we are in VERY HIGH or EXTREME fire danger and/or If the National Weather Bureau issues a RED FLAG wind warning. All other days you may carefully burn. Penalty for a violation of this burn ban is a class C Misdemeanor (NDCC37-17.1-10.1) Maximum Sentence of 30 days in jail and a $1000.00 dollar fine.

This Ban, when in affect, includes ALL open burning including camp fires and garbage barrels and pits. It is extremely dry out there and we ask farmers to consider keeping water trucks full and a disk hooked to your tractor ready to go to assist fire fighters if needed. These fires spread like hot cakes so any help you can provide will be appreciated.

Information on where to find our ND Rangeland Fire Index is located on the National Weather Bureauís Bismarck home page under FIRE WEATHER http://www.crh.noaa.gov/bis/?n=fire_weather_public or on the ND-DES website http://www.nd.gov/des/planning/fire-danger-awareness/ or check on the Fire signs changed daily by the Ellendale and Oakes Fire Departments.

Charlie Russell, Emergency Manager/9-1-1 Coordinator, DICKEY COUNTY

po box 215 Ellendale ND, 58436

PH: 701-320-6299

FAX: 701-349-3960