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LaMoure County Burn Ban Takes Immediate Effect
LAMOURE (Kimberly Robbins, LaMoure County Emergency Manager) - Citizens need to check the ND Rangeland Fire Danger index before burning in LaMoure County. LaMoure County has declared a Fire Emergency and instituted a Burn Ban in effect only when the North Dakota Rangeland Fire Danger Index is in the "Very High" or "Extreme" Index and/or a Red Flag Warning has been issued.

The North Dakota Rangeland Fire Danger Index is calculated daily based on the weather conditions. Windy, hot, and low humidity days are likely to provide a VERY HIGH or EXTREME index because they allow dry grasses to ignite easily and allow fires to spread rapidly.

The LaMoure County resolution takes effective immediately and will continue until further notice. The penalty for violation of the burn ban is a Class B Misdemeanor (NDCC 37-17.1-10.1: Maximum sentence of 30 days in jail and $1,000 fine).

Residents should consider the following steps before burning.

-Check the North Dakota Rangeland Fire Danger Index. This is available online at http://www.crh.noaa.gov/bis/?n=fire_weather_public .

-If a citizen is considering a controlled burn, they should contact State Radio (1-800-472-2121) and their local fire chief before a controlled burn is started so that emergency responders are not dispatched for reports of a fire when it is a controlled burn. Be prepared to give your name, contact number, location of controlled burn, and anticipated duration of the burn. A controlled burn needs to be physically monitored at all times. Once the fire is started, don't walk away until the fire is completely out. Be prepared if the fire gets out of hand and call 911 immediately.

-If a citizen has a question, they should contact their Emergency Manager or local Fire Department.

Kimberly Robbins, LaMoure CountyEmergency Manager &Emergency Services Communication System Coordinator

(701) 883-6096
Cell: 701 830-0258