A Few Clouds

LATE BREAKING: Jamestown Airport Authority Asks for Sky West as next EAS Provider
JAMESTOWN Sky West will serve Jamestown under the Federal Essential Air Service program if the Jamestown Airport Authority Board gets its way.

Airport manager Matthew Leitner says the recommendation was submitted by the local board on Monday to Federal Transportation authorities.

"There's a thirty-day window that they reserve to award the bid. But we sent of a dossier comprised of various letters from the city, the county, the airport authority, and then many of our constituants here in Jamestown and throughout the periphery. And they were overwhelmingly in favor of Sky West. It wasn't the easiest decision - there were pros and cons to both sides - but in the end, that's what we elected to go with."

Leitner says its a return to the glory days of the regional airport.

"It would be Jamestown's first jet service since 1977. The aircraft would be a Canada Air Challenger CRJ 200 regional jet. It cruises at about 520 miles per hour at around 35-37,000 feet. The flight time to Denver would be about an hour and fifteen minutes, which is comparable to a turbo prop to Minneapolis. Of course, it would offer all the amenities, like beverage service, galley flight attendant, bathroom, and so forth."

Local officials expect to hear from Transportation Department by February 6. If the DOT approves the bid, Jamestown would become a United Express and United Airlines market by April 1st.

-Lynn Hopewell