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Buffalo City Gun Club Memorial City Shoot
JAMESTOWN — (Niles Mueller) - On Tuesday, June 24 the Buffalo City Gun Club will present the 2nd Annual John Dardis Memorial Hospice Gift Fund “City Shoot”. This is a special three event trapshooting tournament that will begin at 6:30 p.m. The shoot is open to any and all shooters. The proceeds that are raised from the event will go to the John Dardis Memorial Hospice Gift Fund at Jamestown Regional Medical Center Foundation.

John Dardis was the first President of the Buffalo City Gun Club and was a lifetime supporter of shooting sports organizations in the area. He passed away on September 19, 2008 after a long battle with cancer. The JRMC Hospice Program was a great comfort to him and his family in those final days. The John Dardis Memorial Hospice Gift Fund provides for the giving of non-medical items that the families would not be able to procure under normal circumstances. The Gun Club is using this tournament to generate funds to keep the program helping other families in their difficult times.

The “City Shoot” will be composed of three separate events, each comprised of 50 targets. The first event will be 16 Yard Singles – two sub-events of 25 targets each. There will be three classes so all shooters are grouped according to their shooting ability. The next event will be a Troy System Handicap event also consisting of two 25 target sub-events. The Troy Handicap means that whatever you shoot in the Singles event will determine which yard line you will shoot from. There will be two Yard Group classes for event winners. The final event will be a one sub-event of 25 pair of Doubles Targets. There will be two classes based on each shooter’s ability.

Each event will cost $16.00 with all proceeds donated to the John Dardis Memorial Hospice Gift Fund at JRMC Foundation. We hope this will be well attended and continue to be an annual event to help continue the work the JRMC Hospice Program. Interested spectators are welcome and unknown shooters will be classified to the best ability of the shoot management.

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