Grants to Grow Deadline Announced
MEDINA, ND A firm deadline for applications for FARRMS Grants to Grow program has been set to Dec. 1. Applications received after this deadline will be asked to resubmit the following year. FARRMS grant and loan program provides microcredit to small and diversified farms with low interest and extended payback periods.

Grants to Grow may be used for sustainable additions to farms, transitions to organic farming practices and other garden and farm projects that meet the guidelines. Information about the program and what is required to apply may be found at http://farrms.org/opportunities/for-producers/grants-to-grow.html. Or call 701-486-3569 for applications by mail.

The loan/grant committee will meet in December and awards will be announced in January. The deadline has been moved up to accommodate the need to plan for next season earlier in the year. Applications will be scored and the grants/loans will be distributed until all funds are disbursed. No applications will be considered after the Dec. 1 deadline.

For more information or applications, please visit our website at www.farrms.org or email info@farrms.org.

FARRMS is a nonprofit based in Medina. We grow farmers.

-Sue Balcom, FARRMS